Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weekend Trip

So, this will be a long post, because we had a long trip this weekend. Well, it was actually just over 24 hours, but we packed a lot into those hours. We drove to Houston Saturday morning and went to my brother's house. Amy was actually in SA for the day, so we missed seeing her, but we had some fun time with Evan.
We helped him replace some outlets and light switches in their newly redecorated bathroom. Yes, that's a flashlight thingy on his head. Is he cool or what? It was really funny because I told him that when Dave first met him, he never would have worn something like that. You see, Dave and I started dating when Evan was 14. He was in his "I'm too cool for everything phase" and Dave was way too goofy most of the time for Evan to be interested in him. But, as Evan has grown up - thank goodness most of us grow out of who we were at 14 - he has gotten just as goofy if not goofier than Dave. So, now we all have lots of fun being goofy together and we're glad none of us are 14 anymore. We played a little wii - see Evan being goofy.
And just hung out.

Saturday night we went over to Ali's house and hung out with her and Mike and Joyce.James liked playing in Rowdy's water bowl. Poppy and Elizabeth told stories on the couch for quite a while before bed.The kids love Rowdy.Sunday morning we were able to go visit Dave's Grandma.And see Aunt Geraldine.And Aunt Diane.Then the whole reason for the trip...When I was at A&M I worked with the jr. high girls at my church. One of my girls was Valerie. She just graduated from Arizona State (with a 4.0) and so we went to College Station for her graduation party. It was such an honor to be invited and so much fun to get to see her. Val - I'm so proud of you girl! We got to eat at Wings n More - that's where the party was - and it was delicious. YUMMY!

So, that was our weekend. Needless to say we were exhausted, but it was fun. We got to see lots of people and enjoyed spending time with all of them.

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Muggle Mom said...

how fun!!! that is so weird seeing evan all grown up!!! makes me feel old. lol!