Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good week

Well, it was a little bit of a crazy week. I thought it would be way better since the kids were feeling better and stuff. But, it was still a little wild. We were not having our best week ever, but I did have some really good things. This week I had lunch with Dave and our friends the Coopers, my mom, and my dad. Yes that's 3 different lunches with 3 of my favorite people. Elizabeth was at school for lunch with Dave and my dad and James was with me. Then all 3 of us went to lunch with my mom.
Then Wednesday night Dave and I got to go on a date while my parents watched the kids. Dave wanted to go somewhere nice so we went to J. Alexander's - very yummy. Then we came home got the kids in bed and Dave went and got us ice cream from Marble slab - even yummier.
Then this morning I went to a Mug & Muffin (breakfast and a speaker) with my mom at her church. It was a great message by a fellow blogger who goes by Big Mama. The message was on focusing on God's plans for your life and not listening to the people around you who say you can't do stuff. Probably my favorite thing that she said was "I don't want to get so busy being a great woman of God that I forget that I am a woman of a great God." Good point. Anyway, it was great time to spend with my mom and Lynn and have a little break from the kids. Dave took the kids to the zoo, which was fun for all of them. Thanks babe for taking care of them while I was relaxing a little. (He's the best.) The only thing missing this morning was Alicia and Amy - we missed you girls!
So, anyway, for a stay-at-home mom who's life feels a little mundane at times, it was a fun week. I mean 3 lunches in and of itself is very exciting for me. Then you add 2 times of no kids and yahoo, life is good. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my kids and love hanging out with them, but I also enjoy a break every now and then.
So, there you have - my exciting week.

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