Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Month

We are getting ready to leave town for Ali & Richard's wedding - woohoo! We have been busy getting ready and participating in all the fun activities that go along with a wedding. It's been a fun time.
Before we left, I wanted to give y'all a brief overview of our last month or so. Here's a few things that have been keeping us busy.

Trimming trees Doing a little repair work on the roof.
Elizabeth had her first dance recital.
We had a friend's wedding in Houston.
The kids and I went on an overnight trip with Granmama and Stephanie (and met Amy) for a memorial service. We got to stay in a hotel - fun.
I helped host Ali's bachelorette party.
The kids and I went to a cousin's reunion with Granmama and had fun playing with cousins.
Elizabeth had swimming lessons and thoroughly enjoyed them.
And the rest of our time has been spent trying to find ways to beat this crazy heat.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roller Coasters & Costumes

There's so much going on right now and so much I want to blog about... But, I'm having trouble finding time to sit down, upload pictures, and write.
I did want to get this onto the blog though, because it's big, really big.

The kids and I went to Sea World this morning. I think I've mentioned this before on here, but Elizabeth is terrified of costumes. Because of this Sea World can sometimes be problematic due to the large costumed creatures (Shamu, penguin, dolphin) wandering the park taking pictures with people. Today she saw some when we first walked in and calmly asked me to go by them quickly. This is huge for her because she often really starts to panic when she sees them - whining, crying, just generally flipping out. So, for her to stay calm was a big deal.

She had talked on and off about this little Shamu roller coaster that they have. We have asked her several times if she wants to ride it and she quickly answers no. Today she brought it up all by herself and asked if we could go look at it and see if there were a lot of people waiting in line. I said sure, trying to act like I wasn't shocked that she was even considering riding on it. We went over and checked for height on her and James and found out that James was too short but she was tall enough to ride by herself. I explained that James couldn't ride it and I couldn't leave him alone, but she could ride it alone if she wanted to and she said she did. I'm sorry, WHAT? I couldn't believe it. But, she did it all by herself. She looked so tiny in the little Shamu car, but also seemed very grown up sitting there getting ready to ride her first ever roller coaster and by herself. (Of course I decided not to take my camera today, because I just knew it was going to be another regular trip to Sea World. Argh!) How did she get old enough to do this or to want to do this? She rode and said it was scary. She doesn't seem like she wants to ride it again until she gets a little older, even with Dave or me. But, I am amazed and proud that she got on it alone and did it. She is definitely growing up.