Saturday, May 31, 2008

Goodbye dusty rose

You may recall a few weeks ago Dave and his dad were working on our house - cleaning it to get it ready for painting. Well, the original idea was that they were going to paint it, but they decided just to have someone do it. Good choice, b/c the guys spent 3 solid days working on this week and they had 3-4 guys that whole time. They did a great job and it looks great. Gone is the dusty rose color that I loved so much. YUCK!

Now, there were still some things to do before the guys could paint it like repacing some boards. So, Dave went to home depot and picked up some new boards. He was pretty proud that he was able to get them home with my car.

Then my big manly man took off the old boards and replaced them with the new boards. My dad also came over to help, also.

And here's how it looks now. The painter's stained our front door for no extra charge and it looks SO much better.


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