Monday, May 12, 2008

Got a little question for ya Ags...

Ok, this is for all of you Aggies out there, or anyone who has ever eaten in College Station...If you were going back to CS and had one meal to eat there, where would you go? Please leave your responses in the comment section.
I ask this question for several reasons.
1. I'm desperate for some more comments. :)
2. We encountered this question a few weeks ago. We were driving through CS and had time for lunch. So, where do we go? Now this used to be a no-brainer, Freebirds of course. But, now that Freebirds has branched out and I can get one by just driving over to I-10 and Huebner it's not such a huge need. So, we decided on Honey B Ham. It sounds kind of lame, I know, but the bread that they make their sandwiches with is SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. (On a side note: I'm on a mission to recreate this bread. I've only made one attempt so far and while the rolls were good, they didn't even come close to the Honey-B ham rolls.)
3. And we will find ourselves in CS again in a few days and may have time for lunch, so if you have any brilliant ideas, I'd love to hear them.
Thanks and gig 'em!


Muggle Mom said...

yeah, freebirds. maybe double daves, but all the pizza places don't taste as good as when you are a poor college student. freebird's never disappoints. and it's in CS, so it's nastalgic!

Brooke'Lain said...

love me some Honey B's!!!!! MMMMM MMMMM! And I kinda feel like the Freebirds in CS is a bit different tasting than here... maybe it's just mental, but.. :) But for me, the ONE place that I would go for sure (and now I'm salivating at 10:30pm thankyouverymuch!) is Gina's Mexican food in downtown Bryan.... I may have to make a trip... ;)

Brad and Emily said...

Hey Girl-
Saw your blog on Brooke's page. Looks like you and the family are doing well! Your kiddos are so cute!
I was just in Collge Station for my sister's graduation and we had to go to Chicken Oil, Pepe's Tacos (just drive through...don't go in), and Layne's. Of course, a trip is not complete without dropping by Sweet Eugene's. Gosh, I miss that town!
PS - Brooke....sad news...Gina's closed. I know, I was bummed. There's another good place in Bryan now called Papa Perez..we went there while I was in town. Right up there with Gina's, I might add.