Monday, March 31, 2008

Pictures of James

I took James to Sears today to get some pictures made. You can look at them if you follow this link:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ahhh Teething

James is now officially teething. We've had a couple of rough nights, a little bit of fever, and today - surprise - I can actually feel a little sharp thing on the bottom gum. So, hopefully these little guys will poke through quickly and we'll all get back to getting lots of sleep. :) ha ha.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Celebration

We went to church last night so this morning we went to my parents' house for breakfast (waffles of course). We did resurrection eggs with Elizabeth. They are really neat because they are Easter eggs with different little trinkets in them that tell the story of Jesus' final week - from his entrance into Jerusalem through the empty tomb.
Then we had an Easter egg hunt for Elizabeth. James isn't quite into it yet. Elizabeth was definitely more into this year than she was last year. Every time she saw an egg she would say "woohoo." Then Elizabeth hid all the eggs for all of us - Dave, my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and me - and we had to hunt for them. She did a pretty good job of hiding them.
We took some family pictures before we left.
Then we went over to our friends, the Murphys, for dinner.
All in all a good day. The kids were exhausted when we got home - so they were both asleep by 7:00.

Easter Baskets or Buckets

Here are some picturess of the kids with their Easter Buckets. When we gave James his bucket, he immediately started to chew on the edge. The picture looks really funny because it looks like he's just sticking his head in the bucket. Elizabeth showing off her rings.

Elizabeth showing off her loot - stickers, socks, finger puppet, etc.

James eating his bucket.

You can't see what James got, but he got some really cute little rubber duckies that have the coloring of sports balls - football, baseball, soccer ball, and basketball; and a finger puppet.

Elizabeth's new dress

Several weeks ago Elizabeth, James, and I went to the fabric store to buy some stuff. Elizabeth said that she wanted to buy some fabric. Well, she asked if I would make her a blue shirt. Ummm, the thing is, I don't really sew clothes - quilts, blankets, towels, crafty stuff, yes; clothes, no. So, I told her "Mommy doesn't make clothes, but you can ask Granmama (my mom) if she will make a blue shirt for you." "OK." End of story.
We found a bunch of things that we just had to have at the fabric store and then saw this fabric that you can use to make a dress. It's smocked on top and all you have to do is sew a seam, hem it, and put on straps. They had one of these in blue, so I decided that I could make a blue dress for Elizabeth using this fabric. So, here is a picture of it. It was a little cool today, so she wore it over her other clothes, but I guess this is the style these days anyway. :)

James is really crawling

James woke up Saturday morning ready to go. We don't know what happened during the night, but he was all of a sudden crawling well and crawling fast. He's also started pulling up on the coffee table on his knees. So, his hands are on the coffee table and he's kneeling and today he climbed up one step at my parents house. We haven't gotten a video of him crawling yet, but we will post one when we get it. Hopefully later this afternoon. He's sleeping right now.

The Berenstain Bears

Elizabeth loves Berenstain Bears books. We usually read at least one before naptime or bedtime and she often chooses for all 3 of her books to be Berenstain Bears books. When we finish the book she wants us to read the names of the books that are on the back of the book. They are all the same on every book. A few weeks ago Dave realized that she can now name them all in order. So, last night we got a video of her doing it. It's kind of hard to understand what she is saying, but she's saying all the names of the books.

It's Springtime

We did some gardening yesterday. We planted 4 tomato plants, a strawbery plant, cilantro, cinnamon basil, and mint. The plan was to plant 2 big tomato plants, 1 cherry, and 1 grape. When we got home the one that I thought was a grape tomato plant had a label on it that said it was a celebrity plant which is a big kind, so we'll see what ends up growing. We planted all the plants in containers and then moved them to a sunny spot in our yard. They were very heavy so Elizabeth helped Dave move them with her tractor - put that girl to work.

Our Weekend

Well, as you can tell, I'm trying to get caught up on blogging today and add some pictures that I haven't added yet. We had quite a weekend, so insteead of doing one huge post, I'm going to do several so you can read the ones you want to and skip the rest.
So, Friday morning I got my hair cut. I have been wanting to forever because I am so tired of pulling it back in a ponytail all the time. Here's a picture of the haircut. Not the best picture of me, but you get the idea.

Aerospace Museum

We also went to the Hill Air Force Base Aerospace Museum when we were in Utah.

Elizabeth sitting in a cockpit seat:

James, the A-10 pilot:

Antelope Island

When we went to Utah we went to an island in the Salt Lake called Antelope Island. It was pretty cool. Dave really loved the landscape and stuff. And we got to see some buffalo, antelope and rabbits. Here are a few pictures of that day. And if you want to see all of the pictures you can check out our winkflash account at

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The End of an Era

Well, Elizabeth had her last music class this week. We have been going to Music Together since August of 2006. We have thoroughly enjoyed it and love our teacher, Miss Ellen. But, it's time for Elizabeth to move onto something else. She says she wants to do dance next, so I'm trying to find a good place to get her started. I'm thinking about putting her in cheerleading because yesterday she was putting on a "show" for me and was saying "Pick your pom-poms up and wave them around" and stuff like that. So, maybe she'll do cheerleading. I don't know yet. Still trying to do some research on this stuff.

Monday, March 17, 2008

James is on the move

Yep, that's right. I say he's crawling. He's kinda doing a funky crawl (started last Wednesday, 3/12), but he's definitely getting where he wants to go. He sees something and goes towards it and ends up getting there, so in my opinion, that's crawling. Yikes, life as know it is over. I can't believe how fast he can get into things. We've got to get the house babyproofed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Some of you haven't met Stache (pronounced Stash) yet or seen pictures of him, so this is for you.

We lost our sweet doggie Toombs in early January. So, we knew we would get another dog eventually, but thought we would enjoy having one less thing to take care of for a while. Well, that was fine for Dave and me, but Elizabeth had other plans. She was ready for another dog. We told her that we would get another dog when God wanted us to and she could be praying about that, so she did. She started praying regularly about it. We decided we better do something about it, not wanting to squelch her faith in God at such a young age. So, I started looking for a dog and found Stache. I really felt like he was the dog for us, but there were several hoops to jump through. We got through it all -the interview, home visit, etc. and went to Schulenberg to pick him up 2 weeks ago. He is so sweet and very cute. So here are some pics of him so you can see how cute he is and ooh and ahh over him.

I'm blogging

Well, this is my first time to do a blog. I'm starting it primarily to keep a record of what's going on with our lives and milestones that my kiddos make. We'll see how well I keep up with this.

Dave has been in Utah this past week and a half on a business trip. We went up this weekend to visit him and had a great time. Elizabeth loved playing in the snow. This was the first time she had been in real snow. When we lived in Dallas there was a little snow, but not much and she was really young. So, it was lots of fun to see her in it. She didn't care about how cold it was, she just loved playing.
James didn't play too much in the snow, but did have fun being outside as usual.

The kids traveled great, which I was a little bit worried about since I was flying with them by myself. Elizabeth asked me several times when we were on the airplane - "Mommy, why do you think my ears are going to pop out?" We had been talking about her ears popping on the plane.

James has been saying "dada" for a while, but just yesterday started using the "m" sound. I heard him say "mama" yesterday, but of course he doesn't know that means me, but at least he's saying it.