Thursday, October 16, 2008

Waffles & Feathers

So, waffles are a huge deal in our family. My dad makes INCREDIBLE waffles. They are one of my favorite foods and definitely my favorite thing to eat for breakfast. It is kind of a thing that my dad and I have - I'm his waffle eating buddy - I always keep eating them with him, even when my mom and brother are finished. So, when Elizabeth was old enough to eat waffles it was very exciting for us to be able to introduce them to her. She loved them and was (and is) always ready to go over to Granmama & Beto's house for wapples (what she used to call them). Well, Sunday morning James and I went to my parents for breakfast (Dave and Elizabeth were in Houston visiting Dave's Granny). I decided that it was time to introduce James to waffles. So, here are some pictures of him eating his first waffle. He ate them, but didn't seem super thrilled about them. Maybe he just needs to try them a few hundred more times. :) This face isn't for the waffle. He's getting to where he makes this face when he knows the camera is about to flash.
Elizabeth and Dave came over when they got home from Houston. Elizabeth started getting dressed up using stuff that Granmama has collected for her grandkids. She put all these feathers in her hair. She looked so funny.

Kid's Choir Program

This semester Elizabet has been participating in Kid's Choir at my parents' church. I think it's been a good experience for her and one that she has seemed to enjoy overall. Last night they had their little concert. She seemed overwhelmed to be with all those people and spent a good deal of her time looking around. But, we were so proud that she got up there and did it. This is a huge step for her. She did sing some and did some of the hand motions. And we commented that there is no way she would have gotten up and done this last year. She has definitely come a long way in terms of being comfortable with people.
Elizabeth having a snack before the program. Singing - she's in the center of the picture.
Hanging out.

Here's a little video during the program.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Playing Outside

Stephanie & Elizabeth

Stephanie & Elizabeth climbing up the rock wall

Static from the turbo tube

James on the turbo tube

Burp Cloth

Our pastor and his wife just had their 5th baby boy. Here's a picture of the burp cloth I made for Baby Bishop.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch #1

We went to the pumpkin patch today with our Mommies Group from church. It's always a good place to get some cute pictures. We'll be heading to the big pumpkin patch this weekend with Dave, but here are our first pumpkin patch pictures of the season. I love fall, what can I say?
James loved playing with the pumpkins


Elizabeth picked out some pumpkins for different people. But, we decided we would just get little ones instead of the big ones. And we didn't get our big carving pumpkin, because we decided to wait til Dave could be there. Pumpkin carving is something Dave does with the kids, so we figured he should be there to help pick it out.


Elizabeth posing on the hay bales

James & Elizabeth - I couldn't believe I got them both to look at the camera - quite an accomplishment these days.

James, me, & Elizabeth - all 3 looking at the camera - wow.

James enjoyed climbing on the hay bales.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Band Video

Dave informed me that the other video I put of the band was an intro and the whole band wasn't playing until the very end of the video, so here's another video.

habla espanol?

Tonight Elizabeth and Dave were reading books before bed. They were reading one that has a bunch of pictures with the names of the item underneath. They got to a picture of a tv and the name was television. So, here's the conversation that they had.
D: television
E: What's that?
D: television, it's a tv
E: Is television spanish for tv?

Fall Retreat

So, I knew I had been a little lax in my blogging, but I realized how bad it had gotten on Friday. I called my brother and he said, "you ARE still alive." I asked if there was a question and he said, "well, you haven't been updating your blog, so I thought you might have died." So, I'll try to be better. If for no other reason than at least you guys will know we are still alive. :)
We had a great weekend on fall retreat with the Campus Crusade for Christ group from UTSA. We are involved with a church that partners with Campus Crusade to reach students on the UTSA campus. We are good friends with the campus director and his wife and they had asked us if we were interested in going on retreat with them. We decided that we would go and we are both so glad we did. It was a great time. This is a retreat put on by Campus Crusade so there were several schools there. UTSA had the 2nd largest group behind A&M. There were probably around 200 students total there. We went to Camp Tejas near Giddings, TX. It was a beautiful weekend. We met Dave's parents in Giddings and dropped Elizabeth off with them so she could have a weekend at the farm. She had a great time and it made it a little bit easier for us to only have 1 kid to keep track of.
Dave ended up playing bass with the band, "None to Perish". They led worship for the whole weekend and did a fabulous job. It was fun to see him up there playing with them. He had a great time although he is concerned that his fingers may fall off from all the playing. They are a serious band and had lots of practice sessions, but it paid off, they were great.

We had a good time getting out of our daily routine and getting to enjoy the fun camp atmosphere. It was a blessing to spend time with the college students. , worship the Lord, hear good teaching, go canoeing, and enjoy God's beautiful creation.
James had a good time. He is walking a ton now, so he enjoyed walking all over the place, hanging out with Mommy & Daddy, and getting loved on by the students.

James & Ben
James & Steph
Steph & Page
Overall it was a refreshing weekend to spend time in God's presence, with each other, and with friends. Definitely a blessing.