Thursday, May 8, 2008

This girl blows me away

Elizabeth is constantly blowing me away with the things that she says. Here are a few examples of her deductive reasoning skills, or some kind of skills.
#1. She and I were having a conversation the other day about soup. She was eating homemade vegetable beef soup and asking if James could eat it. This is pretty common. She's always asking whether James can eat this or that. So I told her that he can eat some of the stuff in the soup but not all of it. She asked what kind of soup he could eat and I told her he could eat chicken noodle. And she says, "to make chicken noodle soup you just cook spaghetti with nothing in it and then put chicken in it." WHAT? I couldn't believe it. I have never cooked chicken noodle soup from scratch. We just eat it out of the good old Campbell's can, so it just blew me away that she thought about what it had in it and then figured out how to cook it.
#2. Last night she and Dave were doing bedtime routine and she asked him when he was going to stop working. This is also a common question. She would like for him to stop working so we can all stay home and play all day. Believe me, this would be my idea of fun also, but so far it just hasn't worked out. That pesky thing about money. So, Dave told her that usually the Daddy doesn't stop working. And then she said, "what if you got a lot of money?" We have told her before (but Dave didn't say anything last night) that Daddy works so that we can have money to pay for things like food, our house, etc. So, last night I guess it all clicked that if Daddy got a lot of money, he wouldn't have to go to work and then we could all stay home and have fun together. So, if any of you have a large sum of money that you would like to share to make Elizabeth and my dream come true, feel free to pass it on. :)
#3. I'm not sure that this is deductive reasoning or whatever, but it is a funny quote from Elizabeth. Saturday she said to Dave, "You know why I talk so much? Mama says it's because I'm having energies." Now, I don't think I've ever actually said this to her. But what I probably have done is on a day that she is talking non-stop said to her, "wow, you have a lot of energy today."
So there you have it. My little girl who is not so much a baby or even a toddler anymore, but growing up and acting like a kid. Wow, where did the time go?


Brooke'Lain said...

She's a genius! So advanced... what a cutie!!!!!! Wish I had that huge lump sum o' money to fork over to y'all for your dream. :) love you!

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