Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She thinks my tractors... well, maybe we shouldn't go there

A couple of years ago, Grandma and Poppy gave Elizabeth a little tractor for her birthday. It has 2 speeds. When she first got it, she was not very good at driving it and so we only let her use the low speed - 2.5 mph. Well, at some point the gear shift got broken, so she has only ever driven it on the slow speed. While Dave was off for Christmas, he fixed the gear shift. Here she is trying it out (with James) on the fast speed - 5 mph.

James' Stats

We took James to the doctor for a well check last week. He weighs 25 pounds and is 33" long. That's just under 50th percentile for weight and just under 75th percentile for height. I actually think he typically weighs a little more than this, but the appointment was after a week of him having a stomach virus.

Christmas Dinner

Dave took pictures of our Christmas dinner. Since he took them, I thought I would put them up on the blog for him. It was a yummy dinner. I wish I was eating it RIGHT NOW!
Green Beans with bacon & shallotsOyster Stew
Creamed Corn
Ham from Bill Miller's and Rutabagas
Apple Pie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Morning

We spent Christmas at our house. It was nice to stay home all day.
Dave reading out of Luke. Both kids got dogs that bark and move around. Notice Elizabeth also is still holding Pony-Pony from the night before.
Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.
Opening Stockings.
It took James a little bit to understand that there was stuff in the stocking, but he finally got into it.
Elizabeth put one of her My Little Pony combs into a box and put it under the tree for me. She was so excited to give it to me. So sweet.
James was VERY into opening presents. I didn't think he would be interested this year, but he really was. He was big on getting every piece of wrapping paper off of the packages.
But, his favorite activity of the morning by far was sitting or standing on boxes. He did on just about every box that was out.
Elizabeth hanging an ornament from Granmama and Beto on the tree.
James and Granmama opening his ornament.
Elizabeth got a BB gun from her Beto. Here she is opening the BBs. She seemed very unsure of the gun when she opened it. After she shot it though, she became more interested. More on that in another post.
James on another box.
Elizabeth got a dog training for children DVD and some dog treats for Stache. She is now working on training him.
Opening presents can be SUCH exhausting work.
James on yet another box.
Granmama, James, and Uncle Evan opening these super cool trucks that Aunt Amy and Uncle Evan bought for him.
Evan got Guitar Hero: World Tour for Christmas so we played around with that.
Elizabeth playing the drums with Aunt Amy.
Amy and Evan.
James helping Granmama play drums.