Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prayer Buzz

In the last few weeks Elizabeth has been getting more into praying. She will now repeat after us when we pray before meals and stuff.
A couple of days ago she and James were having a snack while I was fixing dinner. James was sitting in his high chair and she went over to the table and said, "ok James, let's pray." She took his hand and said a prayer. I couldn't hear everything she said. Your basic, thank you for this day, the food, etc. Then something about flies. So, she finished and then we had this conversation...
E: Mommy, we prayed.
Me: Oh good.
E: I prayed for the flies.
Me: The flies?
E: Yes.
Me: What did you pray for them?
E: That we would be able to swat them.
Me: Oh good.
So, there you have it. We were swatting several flies that were in our kitchen and the Bible says, ask and you will receive, so I guess that's what she was doing.

I also overheard her recently say to her toy animals "get in a line over here because we are going to worship God."

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