Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Giving up the seetsaw

Elizabeth has been using a pacifier to sleep up until today. She LOVES her pacifier, or as we call it her seetsaw. I know this isn't the right spelling, but it's the best I can do. Seetsaw is the polish word for pacifier. It's what Dave's family used when he was little, so it's what we have used. And it's not actually pronounced seetsaw, more like seetsa, but we're Texans, so seetsaw is how we say it. :) She loves it and sucks on it the whole time she sleeps.
Anyway, I would have loved to get rid of it when she turned 3, but James was only 1 month old and the thought of having to get up during the night with her as well as him was just a little too much for me at the time. So, Dave decided we would wait until she turned 4. So, today was the day. After reading a tip in a parents magazine we decided that we would take her to Build-A-Bear and have her put the seetsaw into the bear before it was sewed up. So, that's what we did.
Here she is waiting for the Toombies (the name of the puppy by her choice) to be stuffed. She never actually put the seetsaw in her mouth, even though it looks like she is in some of these pictures. Toombies is being stuffed.
Seetsaw is in, Toombies is sewed up and now she "cleans" him. She didn't seem to have issues with putting her seetsaw in.

And she carried Toombies around all evening. She went to sleep tonight with no problem. Dave said she was moving her mouth funny, but she fell asleep. She's been up twice in the last 2 hours. The first time she went right back to sleep. The second time she was mad. I went up there and she was kicking and crying and not a happy camper. But, she eventually went back to sleep. Hopefully the night will get better from here.


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