Friday, August 8, 2008

Cruise Day 7 - Victoria, BC

We went to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on day 7. It is an amazingly beautiful city. Dave and I would definitely like to go back sometime.
Elizabeth looking at some gardens. James & Dave
My mom, Amy, Elizabeth, and I (the girls) went to a miniature museum. It had all these miniature scenes. They had all different kinds - wars, fairy tales, castles, etc. My favorite scene was the circus one - it was amazing.
Three ring circus
The circus carnival
The rodeo
Aunt Amy & Elizabeth being silly - surely not...Aunt Amy and Elizabeth love to be silly together. Aunt Amy is a good sport and always willing to have lots of fun with Elizabeth.
James & Mommy
Aunt Amy & Elizabeth playing in the gardens.
Elizabeth in the garden.
The boys went walking around the city while the girls were at the miniature museum. James crashed out!

And now, I am FINALLY done with all my Alaska posts. It was an amazing trip. A huge thanks to Mama and Daddy for taking us. We had a great time - it is a trip we will never forget. Well, Dave and I will never forget it. Elizabeth will probably remember some of it. And James won't remember anything. But, at least we have lots of pictures and blog posts that he can look back on for proof that he really has been on an Alaskan cruise.

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