Saturday, August 30, 2008


Our super generous parents decided to give James & Elizabeth a playset for their birthdays. After much research and some serious shock over sticker price, we decided to go with a kit from Home Depot that has all the hardware that you need. You just have to buy the lumber and accessories.
So, we bought all the stuff. Last weekend we cut most of the lumber and today we started building it.
Here's what the area looked like this morning. My parents came over to help us build it. James was all about helping us build it.
I took most of the pictures, so I'm not in most of them. I had my mom take this one to prove that I really did help build it. The kids did great just playing in the backyard, so I was able to help pretty much the whole time.
Elizabeth wasn't too interested in helping with the building, but she did play with the water hose, dig for worms, swing, and some other good backyard activities.
Here's where we are at the end of build day 1. Elizabeth actually took this picture. Pretty good, huh?


Stephanie said...

Elizabeth definitely seems to be a photographer in the making

Anonymous said...

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