Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Elizabeth's 4th Birthday

Elizabeth woke up this morning with balloons on her door.

We went for a special breakfast birthday to get muffins and mini screamer dogs at the "bagel place" - her choice. We decided to bring the food home and then Beto (who was off this morning)came over and had breakfast with us.
Granmama took Elizabeth to lunch at a tea room. They said it was fun but apparently Elizabeth was so tired that she didn't talk much which is VERY unusual.
This afternoon we took her to the mall to go to Build-A-Bear (more on this in a later post). Here are some pictures of her at the little outdoor waterfall at the mall.And "washing" her puppy named Toombies.Then to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants EZ's "because they have really good grilled cheese sandwiches." Then home to open presents. She got a blanket I made for her (more on this in a later post).
Several books and cds.
An easel and a new area that will become her craft area - we didn't get it all set up by today.
She got some other craft supplies, an outfit for her new puppy from James (a football outfit that she picked out), and a dustpan and broom - she loves these kind of things, I promise.
Then we did cupcakes and candles.Beto was out of town this evening, so Granmama joined us for dinner, presents, and cupcakes.Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea. We love you!


stephers11 said...

I like Elizabeth's meal choices...EZ's (A-MAZING!!!) Cute pics Page

Judy said...

That is such a precious post for a precious little girl! I am glad Elizabeth had such a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

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