Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cruise Day 5 - Sea Otter Tour

We went on a tour by boat around Sitka. It was called a sea otter tour, but encompassed many other kinds of wildlife. We saw sea otters, starfish, bald eagles, humpback whales, a deer, etc. The whales were by far the coolest part of the tour (at least for me). They were very close to us - 2 of them. The tour guides guessed it was a mom and baby, because otherwise they wouldn't have been together. They would come up to the surface, play around for a little bit, then dive down to find something to eat and come back up in 5-7 minutes. It was amazing to get to witness this so close.
A bald eagle - Dave took this picture through the binoculars. James, me, and Elizabeth hanging out on the boat.
James and me
Granmama put James to sleep.
Bald eagle flying
Bald eagle on top of a tree
James and Granmama
Whale spouts

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Jessica M. said...

The pictures are great. It is so good to see your family. BTW-I would have never guessed Evan to have red hair!! Neat to finally see a picture of him (earlier post) after hearing 'Grandmama' talk about him! I miss you both so much and what I gleaned from you for two years.