Sunday, November 2, 2008


So, I know I promised I would be better about keeping up to date with the blog, but things have been crazy.
Two weeks ago, Dave’s Granny (his mom’s mom) died. So, we packed up and went to Houston for the funeral and to spend time with family. Then went to Grandma and Poppy’s farm for the weekend. It was a difficult time of saying goodbye, but a good time with the family and a fun time at the farm.
Dave grew up just a few blocks away from his Granny so he has many fond memories of her and the time they spent together. When Elizabeth was younger, she was scared of older people – anyone who had white hair. She would see an older person in the grocery store and start crying. We never knew where this fear came from, but she was never afraid of Granny. So, I always told Granny that meant she wasn’t old. She would just laugh and say I guess not. Granny will be very missed by her family.

Granny with Elizabeth in December 2004.
Granny with Elizabeth in July 2005. This was the stage where Elizabeth was scared of older people, but not Granny. :) Granny with her great-grandson, Aidan, her great, great-grandson Nolan, James, & Elizabeth (great-grandson and great-granddaughter) in November 2007.After the funeral the whole family went out to Granny's and spent time together.
Granny's four children - Betty, Ben, Joyce (Dave's mom), and Kitty.
Granny's grandchildren - Allison (Dave's sister), Mark, Luke, Calgary, Bill, Dave, Johnny, Lisa, Travis, Megan. Elizabeth is just running past - she's not a grandchild.

Granny's great-grandchildren - Abishai, Brittany, James, Aidan, Justin, Ashley, Candace, and Elizabeth. Two of her great-grandsons couldn't make it so they are in the picture Candace is holding - Kyle and Ben. There is one great, great-grandson that I didn't get a picture of - Nolan.
They had a bonfire, which both kids thought was very fun.
James and Poppy playing with fire. :)
Elizabeth loved playing with the dogs.
James hanging out outside.

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