Monday, November 3, 2008

Visit to Grandma

On our way from Houston to the farm, Dave, James, and I stopped to visit Dave's Grandma (his dad's mom) in the nursing home. Elizabeth had gone back to the farm with Grandma & Poppy the night before. It was a very nice visit - the longest we've had with her in a long time. We went to the dining room and sat with her as she ate lunch. It was great because James quickly became the hit of the dining room. He walked around saying hi to people and smiling. That fear that his sister had of older people? Yeah, he doesn't have that. :)
James, Dave, & Grandma James was very interested in Grandma's wheelchair.
We must have worn James out that morning. We got in the car and grabbed lunch. Here he is eating his hamburger.
About a minute later I looked back and I couldn't see the hamburger at all and James was asleep. We later found the hamburger on the floor.

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