Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Horsin' Around

Grandma & Poppy's neighbors got a new horse recently. This is supposed to be for Elizabeth to ride once he's been trained. His name is Romeo.
Romeo and James getting a bite to eat. :) Poppy, Elizabeth, Romeo, & Page - he is a beautiful horse.
Elizabeth feeding Romeo.
Poppy feeding Romeo.
Elizabeth riding Savannah.
Yeah, she's riding bareback. She could ride Savannah all day long if we let her. She LOVES it.
James & Elizabeth on Savannah - I'm so bummed this one was blurry because it would have been such a cute picture.
Another one that's not blurry, but that's not nearly as cute.
James riding Savannah. He will tolerate riding her, but isn't the fan that his sister is. At least not yet.
The Borski Boys, plus Romeo.
Elizabeth feeding Savannah.

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Stephanie said...

Dude! Awesome pics for all the posts! You wore a CRU shirt to the farm?! You rock friend! Can't wait for this weekend :) But I think Elizabeth should ride it to if I do or someone else at least :/