Thursday, October 16, 2008

Waffles & Feathers

So, waffles are a huge deal in our family. My dad makes INCREDIBLE waffles. They are one of my favorite foods and definitely my favorite thing to eat for breakfast. It is kind of a thing that my dad and I have - I'm his waffle eating buddy - I always keep eating them with him, even when my mom and brother are finished. So, when Elizabeth was old enough to eat waffles it was very exciting for us to be able to introduce them to her. She loved them and was (and is) always ready to go over to Granmama & Beto's house for wapples (what she used to call them). Well, Sunday morning James and I went to my parents for breakfast (Dave and Elizabeth were in Houston visiting Dave's Granny). I decided that it was time to introduce James to waffles. So, here are some pictures of him eating his first waffle. He ate them, but didn't seem super thrilled about them. Maybe he just needs to try them a few hundred more times. :) This face isn't for the waffle. He's getting to where he makes this face when he knows the camera is about to flash.
Elizabeth and Dave came over when they got home from Houston. Elizabeth started getting dressed up using stuff that Granmama has collected for her grandkids. She put all these feathers in her hair. She looked so funny.

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Donald and Angela said...

Two cutie-pies for kiddos! Fun getting caught up on your life! Hope all is well with you guys!!