Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

So, I know I may get some flack for putting up our Christmas tree so early. But, here goes. We LOVE Christmas. I could put up our Christmas decorations in September and be perfectly happy. I'm doing good to wait until now. And actually, it was Dave's idea to put it up this early. He brought the tree in on Sunday. Elizabeth and I set up the tree yesterday and then we decorated it as a family this evening. It was fun. Elizabeth loves to put the ornaments on the tree. We all get ornaments every year, so she loves getting to see her ornaments again. James did pretty well. His favorite activity was trying to climb into the box of ornaments. Thankfully none of them got smashed.
James & Elizabeth - James trying to grab the ornaments and Elizabeth trying to put them on. James still trying to grab ornaments.
Page hanging an ornament.
Elizabeth putting up an ornament - not sure what that face is about.
Dave hanging an ornament.
James looking at the tree.
Love this picture of the two of them.
The whole family. James was looking at the camera until the last second. Oh well.

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