Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taking Care of the Family

Last week Dave and I headed to some friends' wedding a couple hours away. My parents watched the kids Sunday afternoon and evening. They spent most of the time at their house, but then headed to ours to let people in and start a Bible study at our house. We got there a little late. Apparently when they got to our house, Elizabeth brought my dad a marker and paper and proceeded to tell him the things he needed to do to take care of Stache (our dog) and James. So, here's the list she gave him - I think she's about ready to hold down the fort by herself. Well, maybe not quite yet, but maybe once she turns 5 in a few weeks. :)

1. take care of bloody nose (he had just had one on their way to our house)
2. change diaper
3. watch so he doesn't pull pet tails
4. be careful is he messes up stuff
5. help if he gets hurt
6. no eating playdough
7. watch in front yard
8. feed when hungry
9. help when needs help
10. watch curtains so he doesn't them down

1. don't let him bite door
2. train for dog show
3. give him water
4. give him food
5. don't let him chase Meko
6. don't let him on the blanket when watching t.v.
7. scratch his ears when he can't reach them
8. pet him
9. let him outside when he wants to
10. get him in a safe place when might hurt him


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