Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Reception

The wedding reception was very fun. We had a great time. My husband's family knows how to throw a party and they go all out for weddings.
Dutch (the ring bearer) and Elizabeth sitting in the big chairs. James and me at dinner.The 4 of us all dressed up.
James looked super cute in his tux. Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures of him in the whole thing, but the vest and bow tie still look pretty cute.
Dave and me.
I know this isn't a great picture, but I had to put it up because Dutch and Elizabeth spent a ton of time together. Dutch was always hugging Elizabeth and they played together a lot. It was really cute. Too bad they don't live closer to us.
These 4 cousins played together a lot of the reception, including attacking Dave at one point. From the left is Zeke, James, Elizabeth, Dutch, and Dave.
Aunt Ali and Elizabeth - this is potentially my favorite picture that we got. I'm not sure why, I just think it's so sweet. These two love being together. This picture makes me think of Ali and her Mini-Me.
My parents made the trip to join in the festivities and help us with the kids. It was great to have their help. I don't think we could have done it all without them. Here they are dancing with the kids.
While people were eating dinner, there wasn't much dancing going on. So, the kids had the whole dance floor to themselves. They definitely took advantage of it - they ran around and kept falling over and were just generally being silly.
My brother, Evan and me.
Uncle Richard dancing with Elizabeth. Uncle Richard loves playing with the kids and they all have so much fun.
Dave with his baby sister - they love to dance together.
Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed her cake.
The parents of the bride (and my wonderful in-laws), Mike & Joyce.
Uncle Evan and Elizabeth dancing. I think she was whispering secrets to him - which obviously were funny.
This is Dave's dad, James, and some other family member named James. I'm not exactly sure how he's related, just know he has the same name as James.
Dave's mom and Dave.
My parents took James back to the hotel to get him to bed, but Elizabeth really wanted to stay til the end. We told her she could stay. Well, it wasn't too much longer til she was fast asleep in Uncle Evan's lap. I think all the festivities totally wore her out.
And Richard and Ali make their exit. It was a beautiful wedding with a fun, rockin reception - just what they wanted. We were glad to be a part of and celebrate this wonderful day with them.
We love you Ali & Richard - may God bless your marriage!

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