Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Ready for the Wedding

Dave's sister, Ali got married at the end of June. The wedding weekend was very fun and very exhausting. We had a great time and were so thankful to get be so involved in it. It's a blessing to have siblings that want you in their weddings. So, Dave was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid, Elizabeth was the flower girl, and James was the honorary ring bearer. It was lots of fun.
The morning of the wedding Elizabeth and I headed over to Ali's house to get hair and make-up done and get ready.
Elizabeth and Ali getting their hair done. These two are so alike in so many ways. As you can tell, they look a lot alike, but their personalities are very similar also. Elizabeth got her hair done, then it was time to eat some lunch. Poor thing, she really wanted to lie down, but I kept trying to keep her up so that she wouldn't mess up her hair.
Elizabeth hanging out with Aunt Ali.
Elizabeth got her make-up done. I wasn't really too excited about it. The make-up lady asked me if they could do princess make-up - a little bit of blush, some sparkles, and lip gloss. I said sure. Well, it ended up being full make-up, even mascara, but oh well. These things don't happen everyday.
The bride and bridesmaid having a little pre-wedding toast. We just hung out in the bathroom at the church while we waited for the time to come.
Joyce (Dave's mom) and Ali both looked beautiful.
Elizabeth was ready to walk down the aisle.
Since I was in the wedding, I didn't get any pictures of the actual wedding. It was beautiful and the ceremony was very nice. Dave and Steph wrote a song and Dave and Amy (my brother's wife) sang it during the wedding. It was really neat. I think Richard and Ali really liked it. I am uploading the video of the song right now. Hopefully will have it posted soon.


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