Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Park

Here are some pictures from our Mommies Group morning at the park. James constantly blows me away with how different he is from his sister. I asked Dave what Elizabeth would have done if we had taken her to the park at James' age (10 1/2 months). His answer was the same as my thoughts - sat in the corner and played with the mulch. What did James do? Climbed on the playground equipment, laughed at all the kids running around him, ate the mulch, and had the older kids following him around and playing with him. They are like night and day. What a wonderful thing to watch the difference in the way God made them. It makes me excited to see how He will use their unique personalities to further His kingdom. I can't wait.
the tire model:
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Anonymous said...

Adorable photos just screaming to be scrapbooked. Everyone is having so much fun and is so photogenic. Totally cute!