Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cooking Camp Day 4 - CANCELLED

Last week when I was planning cooking camp I decided to let Elizabeth pick one thing to cook - anything she wanted to. I told her she could decide and gave her a while to think about it. I actually talked to her about it on the way to school and told her to think about it. So, on our way home from school, she said she had decided what she wanted to cook. I asked her what and she said barbecue. Ahhh, that's her Daddy's girl, and her Beto's girl, and her Poppy's girl. Yes, Dave and my dad and Dave's dad all love to barbecue - and I think my brother does too, but don't quote me on that one, and actually Dave's sister does too. So, it's in her blood.
So, the plan for tonight was to bbq - this would have to be Daddy's Cooking Camp because Mommy doesn't know how to bbq. But, this afternoon when it was naptime, I told Elizabeth that if she was going to bbq tonight she would have to take a nap. (Elizabeth is the kind of girl that really needs her sleep - so if she doesn't take a nap we try to start putting her to bed at 6:00.) So there would be no time for bbqing if she didn't take a nap. And she said she didn't want to take a nap. So, that was fine, but we didn't bbq. And we won't bbq tomorrow night, b/c we're going to Sea World - woohoo!


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