Friday, June 20, 2008

If I Had a Hammer...

Elizabeth has just recently discovered one of my favorite activities as a kid. Evan and I used to always do this back scratching thing with my parents – do different animals, movements, etc. on each others backs – like an anteater or a spider or something like this. Well, Elizabeth has gotten into this and so she and I were doing this a few mornings ago. She did several that she had done with my parents recently – toothbrush and hammer – and then I told her to do a saw. She said, “wait, first I have to do the nail gun.” And then proceeded to make just the sound that I would have made for a pneumatic nail gun and do a little poke on my back.
Dave does not have a nail gun, although he wishes he did. But, we have some very good friends who are literally building their house from scratch. They obviously have a nail gun and we get to use it on occasion. So, Elizabeth has been around it when we've all been working on various projects - including our awesome shed that we built last year. So, thanks to Richard for introducing Elizabeth to the finer things in life. She'll be framing her own little playhouse in no time.

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