Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Ok, so I'm only 14 days late, but better late than never.

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. I can't believe it has been that many years. In some ways it seems like we've been together our whole lives and in some ways I feel like we're newlyweds.

Dave is an amazing husband and I feel so blessed to be married to him.

He is a spiritual leader for me and our family and is always growing in his walk with the Lord. He challenges me to grow because I don't want to get left behind. :)
One of my favorite things about him is that he makes me laugh, ALL THE TIME. We always joke that he can just look at me and I start laughing. I love having someone around to laugh with.

There are a bazillion other amazing things I could say about him, but I'm tired and my brain isn't really thinking very well.

So, babe, just know that I love you and can't wait for many more years of laughter and fun with you.

And now on to the presents...Back in April I started making our bed everyday - like really making it, not just pulling the covers up - thanks to flylady. Now that I was doing it, it became very obvious that our bed was boring - not horrible, but just not much pizazz. And our walls were kind of bare too. I've had fabric since before Elizabeth was born that I have been planning on making pillows with. Well, I finally decided to just do them. And the crazy thing is that I got 3 pillows done in 1 day - something I've been putting off for years. Anyway, enough talk, here are the pictures.
Before:After:And another little piece of art that I added to the walls. I love the word art things.Dave met the kids and me for lunch and had a dozen roses for me. And then surprised me with dinner at the Melting Pot. YUM! It was a wonderful anniversary.


APATT said...

LOVE the pillows and the artwork! It looks great! I am actually hoping to get some fabric and make some pillows for our bed so I will have to talk to you about it this weekend.

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