Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cruise Day 1 - Dinner

The cruise that we went on was not just any cruise. It was a Chuck Swindoll cruise. Meaning that Chuck did some teaching, there were special concerts and such just for us. There were other people on the boat that weren't with Chuck Swindoll, but a good portion of the boat was our group. It was nice and a neat way to do it. You get the fun times of a cruise and also some solid biblical teaching. The bad thing about this was that everybody with Chuck Swindoll had the late dinner 8:00..PM...Pacific Time. Then when we went into Alaska we went into even another time zone, making most of our dinners at 11:00 PM Texas time.
Let me tell you that we are not used to eating dinner at 8:00, let alone 11:00. Our kids did pretty well with the whole time adjustment thing, but the first night was crazy. We were all pretty exhausted - remember that we had to be at the airport before 7:00 that morning. So, there we were 15 hours later sitting down to dinner. YIKES!
Here are some pictures from that first night and a hilarious video. One thing we learned on this cruise - when James get tired, I mean really tired, he gets delirious, just like his Daddy. Dave can get out of control funny when he's really tired. The video shows James laughing hysterically at Beto over a piece of ice. That's what he's looking at on the table. He would touch the ice and then my dad would say "brrrrrrrrrr" and James would laugh like crazy. I know parts of it sound like he's actually crying, but it's all laughing. Too funny. The whole table was laughing hysterically by the time it was over. I think we were all a little delirious.
James, Daddy, and sleepy Elizabeth Beto, James, and the ice


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