Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The airplane rides

The only way to post about the trip is to do it in little chunks. We have so many pictures and it would take me forever if I did just one super long post and it would take you forever to read it...

I was concerned about the airplane rides. We had a short flight to Dallas, but then an almost 4 hour flight from Dallas to Seattle where we got on the boat. Now, I had no doubt that Elizabeth would be fine - she's my little trooper. And I wasn't worried about James screaming because he was miserable. I was just worried about him having to be in our arms for 4 hours. He is at the stage where he wants to be down crawling around, exploring things. It also didn't help that we were starting off by needing to be at the airport before 7 AM.
An interesting side note - God made it clear to me just before we left that one thing he wanted to teach me on this trip was that I am supposed to rest in Him, even in the midst of craziness in my life. So, I knew that no matter what happened and how stressful things got, God would show me how my spirit could be at rest in him.
Well, there were some difficult times, but overall the kids did great. The last plane ride - from Dallas to home, was a little bit rough - everybody was ready to be home, but other than that, it went relatively smoothly.
One thing that surprised me was how much James enjoyed looking out the windows. My parents and Evan & Amy were a huge help. My mom got James to sleep on our trip from Dallas to Seattle and held him for quite a while. Then we got him back for about 1/2 an hour and then Uncle Evan and Aunt Amy took him the rest of the time - a nice break. On the flight from Seattle to Dallas, my mom got Elizabeth to sleep - pretty much unheard of - and James slept in my arms for 1 1/2 hours. So, all in all pretty easy travelling - God was extremely gracious to us. And he taught me some good stuff about resting in Him, when things did get a little crazy.
Here we go - the 4 of us just leaving on our trip...let the fun begin.
And then just coming home - James and Elizabeth looking out the window at the pretty Texas sunset.

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