Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cousin's Reunion

This weekend was our annual cousin's reunion. We have this every year in June sometime. It was started by mom's mom as a time to get together with all of her first cousins (the girls at least) and their kids. I think this is our 43rd year to do it or something like that. There is only of the original first cousins that still comes, but it's a fun time to see family and spend time together. I have lots of fond memories of cousin's reunions and it's very fun to see my kids getting to be involved in them now.
Here's Elizabeth riding a horse in downtown Fredericksburg (where the reunion was). Elizabeth got to sleep with "Aunt Amy" - one of the best things about the weekend. She really enjoyed spending time with Amy this weekend, often asking for her to sit in the backseat with her instead of Granmama.
Elizabeth played quite a bit with her cousin Suzy. It was fun to see them playing together. Elizabeth even spent some time with Suzy alone in Suzy's room. This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. I have so many memories of running off with my cousins and playing with no parents around - and now Elizabeth is doing it. Wow.
My mom made dresses for the 4 girls and a little matching jumper for James.
James was eating some beans on Saturday night. He finished the ones that were on his highchair tray and then put his face on the tray and started licking hte juice. He loves beans. James found this little niche in our hotel room.James, Amy, Rike, and her husband Matt (my cousin), me, and ElizabethJames, Amy, Rike, Granmama, Page, and Elizabet

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