Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Some of you haven't met Stache (pronounced Stash) yet or seen pictures of him, so this is for you.

We lost our sweet doggie Toombs in early January. So, we knew we would get another dog eventually, but thought we would enjoy having one less thing to take care of for a while. Well, that was fine for Dave and me, but Elizabeth had other plans. She was ready for another dog. We told her that we would get another dog when God wanted us to and she could be praying about that, so she did. She started praying regularly about it. We decided we better do something about it, not wanting to squelch her faith in God at such a young age. So, I started looking for a dog and found Stache. I really felt like he was the dog for us, but there were several hoops to jump through. We got through it all -the interview, home visit, etc. and went to Schulenberg to pick him up 2 weeks ago. He is so sweet and very cute. So here are some pics of him so you can see how cute he is and ooh and ahh over him.

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