Sunday, March 23, 2008

Elizabeth's new dress

Several weeks ago Elizabeth, James, and I went to the fabric store to buy some stuff. Elizabeth said that she wanted to buy some fabric. Well, she asked if I would make her a blue shirt. Ummm, the thing is, I don't really sew clothes - quilts, blankets, towels, crafty stuff, yes; clothes, no. So, I told her "Mommy doesn't make clothes, but you can ask Granmama (my mom) if she will make a blue shirt for you." "OK." End of story.
We found a bunch of things that we just had to have at the fabric store and then saw this fabric that you can use to make a dress. It's smocked on top and all you have to do is sew a seam, hem it, and put on straps. They had one of these in blue, so I decided that I could make a blue dress for Elizabeth using this fabric. So, here is a picture of it. It was a little cool today, so she wore it over her other clothes, but I guess this is the style these days anyway. :)

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