Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm blogging

Well, this is my first time to do a blog. I'm starting it primarily to keep a record of what's going on with our lives and milestones that my kiddos make. We'll see how well I keep up with this.

Dave has been in Utah this past week and a half on a business trip. We went up this weekend to visit him and had a great time. Elizabeth loved playing in the snow. This was the first time she had been in real snow. When we lived in Dallas there was a little snow, but not much and she was really young. So, it was lots of fun to see her in it. She didn't care about how cold it was, she just loved playing.
James didn't play too much in the snow, but did have fun being outside as usual.

The kids traveled great, which I was a little bit worried about since I was flying with them by myself. Elizabeth asked me several times when we were on the airplane - "Mommy, why do you think my ears are going to pop out?" We had been talking about her ears popping on the plane.

James has been saying "dada" for a while, but just yesterday started using the "m" sound. I heard him say "mama" yesterday, but of course he doesn't know that means me, but at least he's saying it.


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