Wednesday, May 6, 2009

While the Cat's Away...

Elizabeth has been at the farm with Grandma and Poppy this week. I left her in Houston after a shower for Aunt Ali. She was supposed to come home today (Wednesday) but is going to end up staying an extra day.
Sunday we didn't have much going on, so decided we would go have some fun time with just James - a rare treat.
We took him down to the train by the zoo and then to the park.
Recently he has been calling everything a train - cars, trucks, etc. So, I was so excited to get him on the real train. Well, the whole time he called the train a truck. Oh well. "Choo choo"
Checking out the river Chillin along the river. I love this picture.
I think James is missing Elizabeth. Today I took him to the park and he was very interested in the other kids. Including following a couple of the older girls around some.
Elizabeth, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be missing us too badly. Every time we talk to her she talks for a few minutes then says, "can I let you go?" We are trying to comfort ourselves with the fact that we have raised her to be secure and safe in our love and know that she can go places and have fun and then come home when she's ready. But, we'll definitely be ready to see her tomorrow. We are also very thankful that she has grandparents who love to spend with time with her - on both sides of the family. What a blessing.


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