Monday, March 23, 2009

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

I prevoiusly mentioned that Elizabeth got a BB gun from Beto for Christmas. She definitely was not too sure when she first opened it, but enjoyed shooting it once we got it out.
On a sidenote - I asked my parents what the likelihood would have been for me to get a BB gun for Christmas when I was 4, the answer was a huge ZERO! Just as I suspected.
Beto and Elizabeth opening it up. Dave and Elizabeth shooting.
Beto made this target for her - here she is pointing to where her shot went in. And James was checking it out too. We of course made sure that everyone was behind the gun when it was ready to be shot. Elizabeth took this to a whole other level and would yell and scream if someone even said they were shooting next and James or Stache were near or behind the target. She does learn safety rules well and quickly.
More shooting.
Learning about the gun.
Most of these pictures were taken the 2nd time we got the gun out. She shot more with Beto the first time, but I didn't have my camera.

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