Monday, March 9, 2009


Ok, thanks to my cousin Meredith for getting me back into the blogging world. Sorry I've been slacking.

We went to the rodeo a few weeks ago. It was lots of fun.

Here'a a picture of all of our boots.
Elizabeth wanted to ride on the pony. So, we paid for $7.00 for her to ride on this pony named Tex that was hooked up to this carousel thing. It was a pretty neat contraption. I just thought it was funny. She was so excited to be on it. The saddle even had a seat belt thing. Are you kidding me? This girl has ridden Savannah bare-back at Grandma and Poppy's farm. But, she had fun.
Our favorite part of the rodeo was the petting zoo. I was very surprised at what a good variety of animals they had. This wasn't just your ordinary - 2 goats and a sheep petting zoo. They had all kinds of animals - goats, sheep, pigs, llamas, wallabies, chickens, ducks, deer, etc. The kids had so much fun. I knew Elizabeth would have a great time being the animal lover that she is. But, James really enjoyed it too. He thought the wallabies were hilarious. He laughed hysterically every time one started to hop. It was so much fun to see the kids enjoy the animals so much.
Elizabeth feeding a couple of goats.
James with a deer.
Page and James with a goat.
Close-up of Elizabeth feeding a goat.
James with his wallaby friend.

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