Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

Our church didn't have a Christmas Eve service this year, so we went to church with my parents then out to dinner.
We started a tradition last year that the kids open their presents to each other on Christmas Eve. I like the idea of this because it makes their presents special and they don't get lost in the hub-bub of present opening on Christmas morning.
Elizabeth got James a walking-popper thing. My parents have one similar at their house and so Elizabeth knew that he would love it and he does. James picked out a horse for Elizabeth. I set him down in front of the shelves of stuffed animals and let him pick one out. This is the one he picked. Elizabeth loves it and has named him Pony-Pony.

Dave played guitar while we sung a few Christmas carols.
Grandma gave the kids these reindeer antlers which they decided they needed to try on.
And then Elizabeth decided Dave and I needed to try them on so she could take a picture of us. Oh, and Pony-Pony had to be in the picture too.
This picture doesn't look like, but James actually thought the antlers were pretty funny and kept trying to put them back on when they would fall off.

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