Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at Sea World

A couple of weeks ago we went to Sea World for their special Christmas shows and stuff. It was really neat. I had never been at Christmas before and we really enjoyed it. It's something we'll definitely go back to. When we walked in there was snow coming down in the entrance. Very cool. We went several friends. It was a beautiful day and we all had a great time.
Elizabeth, James, & Dave in front of the big Christmas tree. All 4 of us.
Page, James, Elizabeth, & Dave with our friends Nova, Karen, & Aidan.
We went to the Polar Express 4-D experience. It was really neat. They even had real snow come down in the theater. Elizabeth wasn't sure about watching it because she had watched Polar Express at school and been scared by some of it. I asked her to stay in there with us at least until it started. She wasn't too sure but did a good job and ended up enjoying it. The part that scared wasn't a part of the show, so that was good.
Dave and James getting ready for the movie. James enjoyed chewing on his glasses more than wearing them.
The boys and young kids went up into this massive playscape thing. They had a good time. Elizabeth didn't want to go up so she stayed down with the girls.
Our friends Jody & Zoe with James & Dave.
James watching the Shamu show. When Shamu first jumped out of the water, he said "Whoa."
James was totally worn out and feel asleep on the way home after eating some snacks.

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