Thursday, September 25, 2008

In the Word

As parents our biggest prayer for our kids is that they would believe in Jesus as their savior so that they can have a personal relationship with Him. We try to incorporate God's word, prayer, and just walking the Christian life into our lives as much as possible so that our kids can see it. We desire for them to see in us an authentic relationship with the God of the universe that affects everything that we do. So, when we start to see fruit in Elizabeth's life it is a huge blessing. While there is still much that she doesn't understand, she is starting to understand God's Word a little bit better. Yesterday she was looking through one of her Bibles (The Right Choices Bible, thanks to Christy for the recommendation). She was looking at the pictures trying to find the hidden grasshopper in each story. She came to the picture of the burning bush and she said, "is that God talking in that burning bush?" She then came to the picture of where Moses' staff turns into a snake and she said, "did that snake come from a stick?" Wow, what joy it brought to my heart that she has heard these stories and is remembering them. She also was playing church yesterday with her stuffed dogs and told me she wasn't sure what she was going to preach on. :)
While we are far from living the perfect Christian life, I am thankful that our kids are seeing God at work in our lives and the people around us and are hearing God's word on a consisten basis. Praise the Lord!


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