Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Storyteller Elizabeth

Elizabeth has gotten really into storytelling. She is always wanting to tell Dave or me a story. This is something primarily brought on by Dave who is always telling her stories. I tell her some stories too, but I'm not as creative with mine as Dave is. She and Dave now have a ritual every night before she goes to bed where they tell stories to each other. She usually starts her stories with options - "do you want to hear a story about a dog, a frog, or a duck?" Let's hear a story about a duck. "Ok, do you want to hear a story about duck goes to the playground, duck rides a bike, or duck goes swimming?" Duck goes swimming. "Ok, duck goes swimming with dog, duck goes swimming with her friend, or duck goes swimming with frog?" And then she will tell you the story about what you decide on. Sometimes these stories can go on for a LONG time. Here's a video of part of one of her stories.


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