Monday, April 7, 2008

Major Progress

Just in the last week we have noticed some real milestones with Elizabeth interacting with other kids. I think Kid's Day Out is helping and of course she's growing up a little bit every day.

Thursday night we were at a playground and she was playing on the equipment while other kids were playing. Normally if other kids were playing, she would be standing by me or just playing off on the ground somewhere away from the other kids. But, Thursday she was going down the slide and climbing up onto the thing right beside several other kids. Hooray!

She also started talking to a girl who came up to her while we were there.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for a friend's little boy. She got in the bounce house with the other kids, hit the pinata by herself (in front of about 40 people), and then went and grabbed candy when it was on the ground with a bunch of other kids. These are all things she definitely would not have done a year ago - maybe even a month ago.

Yesterday when I picked her up from Kid's Day Out, her teacher told me that she never talks to them (the adults), but that she is talking to the other kids a lot more and that she talked to Mercedes (one of her friends) a lot that day.

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