Monday, March 1, 2010

Ski Trip

Last weekend, Dave's dad took us to Ruidoso for a ski trip. It was lots of fun. We were not sure how the kids were going to do with the whole skiing thing, but they did great and loved it.
I started skiing when I was 4 years old and it is one of the few sports that I really enjoy and am good at. So, seeing the kids learning how to do it and enjoying it was really neat for me.
We decided to give Elizabeth a private lesson the first day we were there. She did great and loved it - the next day she was ready to take another one. So, we set her up with the same teacher - West - and she did another hour with him. She was able to ski by herself and stay pretty much in control.
We wanted to at least let James try it out and get a feel for it. So, we let him ski between our legs. I thought we would do this a few times with him and that would be it. But, he loved it so much that we kept going. We would get to the top of the lift and he would say - "let's do it again." When I was growing up we would always say when we got to the top of the lift, "tips up" and I got James to say it. So, every time we would get close to getting of we would say "tips up" and he would lift his ski tips up to prepare to get off the lift.
I have some video of them skiing that I will try to get up soon, but here are a few pictures from the trip.
The two little ski bunnies.Dave and Page
Poppy, Page, Dave, James, & Elizabeth
Elizabeth and Dave
James and Page


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