Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Part 1

We celebrated Christmas with Steph on Christmas Eve.
James got a Little Drummer Boy book that he is a big fan of. Elizabeth got a book that she decided she needed to open with scissors instead of just tearing open the wrapping.
I got a Christmas puzzle.
Dave got a metal sign.
James and Elizabeth got a game.
Steph got pj pants that I made for her.
And a quilted stocking.
After Steph opened the stocking, James put it on his foot and then asked where the other one was.


Stephanie said...

Very cool pics, I didn't realize you took so many pics. I'm really glad we got to celebrate then and not like this week after we all got back :) thanks for the awesome gifts, I still abolutely LOVE them all, I totally forgot to send you the picture I took when wearing the sleep pants, but I will remember to at some point :) James and the stocking...that was funny!! Love you guys!! :D

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