Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Settling Down

Well, things are starting to settle down here. We spent a somewhat restless day yesterday dealing with the bat issues. Got Stache to the vet for a rabies booster as recommended by our dear vet and friend Dr. Kyzar. Was reminded once again how much I love him as a vet. He's so comforting and calm and it's always nice to see a friendly face, especially when going to the vet with 2 young kids and a dog can be a tad bit crazy.
Dave got 2 calls today - one from the health department and the other from an animal control officer letting us know that the bat has been sent for testing and we should have the results tomorrow. I have been very impressed with how on top of things they have been. The animal control officer also told Dave that most of the bats recently have been coming back negative, so that's good news.
Dave has been great about handling all these calls and stuff. I am again thankful for a husband who protects and cares for our family - it is a blessing.
We headed out to the water park today with Steph. It was a fun couple of hours. This was the first time in quite a while that we have done anything other than the kiddie area. Elizabeth has finally gotten over her fear of the water and LOVES it. So, we did the wave pool and the lazy river. Both were lots of fun. I don't think I could have done these by myself and Steph, as usual, was a huge help to have. She and Elizabeth went way far into the wave pool by Elizabeth's request and had a blast. Then in the lazy river James sat in my lap and Elizabeth sat in Steph's. We finished off our time with a few minutes at the kiddie area. It was a great time and a good way to stay cool in this crazy heat.
We started a new Bible study tonight for our church. We had a good turn out for our little church - 7 adults. The Bible study was on marriage and we talked about marriages we have been exposed to - what we've seen that works and doesn't. It was a good starting night and the group seemed to mesh well. I'm excited for this study. Dave and I both have a passion for marriages and seeing people in godly marriages. Tonight was also a good reminder of what's important - commitment, selflessness, putting God first. And reminded of some things I want to do in our marriage - ask Dave what I can be doing better as a wife, putting him first, speaking his love language (words of affirmation), and remembering the things about him that I fell in love with. The group is a good mix of stages - we have been married the longest at 8 years, one couple married 4 years, one couple getting married in December, and one man dating a woman who lives in another city and probably getting engaged relatively soon. I'm excited to see what God does with this group.
Now, off to put the kids to bed.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks, I'm glad I could hel and I had a blast. Glad the bat thing worked out and that we got to have such a great talk tonight. I'm so glad you're in my life, thanks for letting me go to Sea World with you all, I had a ton of fun and was super excited that not only did Elizabeth want to go deeper in the wave pool, but that she trusts me to go with her and hold her in the waves and that she allowed me to be a part of that with her, even if her thinking wasnt on that level totally, it meant a ton to me :)