Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Month

We are getting ready to leave town for Ali & Richard's wedding - woohoo! We have been busy getting ready and participating in all the fun activities that go along with a wedding. It's been a fun time.
Before we left, I wanted to give y'all a brief overview of our last month or so. Here's a few things that have been keeping us busy.

Trimming trees Doing a little repair work on the roof.
Elizabeth had her first dance recital.
We had a friend's wedding in Houston.
The kids and I went on an overnight trip with Granmama and Stephanie (and met Amy) for a memorial service. We got to stay in a hotel - fun.
I helped host Ali's bachelorette party.
The kids and I went to a cousin's reunion with Granmama and had fun playing with cousins.
Elizabeth had swimming lessons and thoroughly enjoyed them.
And the rest of our time has been spent trying to find ways to beat this crazy heat.

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