Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From Dave

Dave's family has started a little email update that people reply to. It helps us all keep track of each other. So, here's what Dave put as his update last week. Just thought I'd pass it on, b/c it has a couple of cute kid stories in it.

Espanol de Courier

I taught James how to do this today:
"give me five" - he slaps my hand a few times
"Back side" - he slaps either my hand or his own hand a few times
"in the hole" - he either covers the hole with his hand, makes a fist (a hole), or tries to stick his fingers in my hand, the correct method.

Page is closing the doors on the towel business - the economy is just too rough. Plus we never advertised (did you even know about the business?) and we made enough money to pay for her super-duper sewing machine.

Elizabeth is getting pretty smart. Today I got a little frustrated that she was talking loudly in the hallway when I specifically asked her to be quiet, James was trying to SLEEP. So I explained to her that I was sorry I got frustrated, and she said, "Daddy, well I got frustrated too, when you asked me twice to be quiet and I heard you the first time."

Kids are great!

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