Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Dave got a new mixer and speaker this week. So, of course we had to try it out Thursday night.
Dave playing bass with his mixer. The new mixer and speaker.
Elizabeth trying out the microphone. She had just been riding her bike.
James trying out (or eating) the microphone.
Because this is my blog and I get to choose what goes on it, I'm going to spare y'all the videos of us testing it out - specifically me singing... Hopefully you can get the idea with the pictures.


Stephanie said...

Well hey there, was that your blog directed at me??? As much as I enjoyed that evening, and as much as I wished you would post them, I got to be there for it and got to record some of them, so I'm content :) Love ya friend. It was great singing, plus it had all four of ya'll in the video :D

The Portland Patterson said...

ummm where are you??? haven't heard anything from you in almost a month:)!!

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